Elite Pond Pumps Review

How do Elite Pumps compare to other pond pumps on the market?

There is definitely quite a buzz in the industry about Elite Pumps.  As one of the leading Authorized Elite Pumps Retailers in the USA, Cal Ponds wanted to provide a review of this quality line of external pond pumps we are proud to offer to our valued customers worldwide.


The maximum flow rates offered by Elite Pumps literally dwarf those offered by many competitor pumps on the market.  The best-selling Elite 800 Series Pumps deliver significantly more water flow at higher max head than competitor pumps on the market.  For example, model 5600ELT22 actually offers a maximum flow rate of 6,300 gallons per hour.  Elite Primer Pro Series Pumps, available with choice of Elite or Baldor motors, also offer superior energy savings compared to other self-priming pumps on the market.  Elite Primer Pro 3 Series Pumps, energy saving low RPM pumps featuring 3” unions, offer maximum flow rates exceeding 18,000 gallons per hour.  An ideal choice for extremely large ponds and grand commercial water features, Elite Primer Pro 3 High Head Series Pumps can actually deliver maximum flow rates up to 25,000 gallons per hour.   

Energy Efficiency

In terms of gallons of water flow versus wattage of energy used, Elite Pumps definitely rank among the most energy efficient external pond pumps available on the market today.  Offering significantly higher flow rates at higher total dynamic head (TDH) than competitor pumps on the market, Elite Pond Pumps are also commonly offered at a more economical price point.  We encourage our customers to compare the maximum wattage ratings for Elite Pumps to competitor pumps on the market for themselves.


Elite Pumps rank among the most reliable external pond pumps on the market today.  The Elite 800, 800 Platinum, and 4500 Series Pumps are ideal for use in low to medium head applications.  Elite Primer Pro and Primer Pro Baldor Series Pumps are recommended for most medium head applications, including ponds with pressurized bead filters installed. For large ponds with medium / high head requirements, Elite Primer Pro 3 Series Pumps are ideal.  And for specific applications where high head exists, the Elite 4500 High Head, 5000 High Head, Primer Pro High Head, and Primer Pro 3 High Head Series are excellent choices depending on your specific flow rate required.  


Elite Pumps feature Baldor motors and custom-engineered Elite motors exclusively.  Backed by an unmatched reputation for quality, Baldor motors are widely recognized as one of the very best motors available on the market today and commonly featured with many other “premium” external pumps offered by various manufacturers.  Specifically designed for aquatic applications by Elite Pumps, Elite motors deliver far superior performance and energy efficiency compared to inferior motors used in many competitor pumps on the market.  One notable Elite Pumps competitor actually uses a shaded fan motor from A.O. Smith in their pumps.  In order to minimize manufacturing costs, this motor does not include a capacitor and was not designed for use in moving water applications.  This likely explains why Elite 800 Series Pumps literally demolish this competitor pump in terms of both max flow rate and max head.    


While many “economy” external pond pumps on the market are offered with only a one or two year warranty, most Elite Pumps models are covered by a 3 year warranty.  In fact, the only Elite Pumps models not offered with a 3 year warranty are Elite 800 Platinum Series Pumps, which actually feature an extended 4 year warranty.  In the unlikely event you encounter an issue requiring warranty assistance for any Elite Pumps product, rest assured, the manufacturer stands behind ever unit sold.  Simply contact your original dealer and in most cases, a return merchandise authorization will be approved and a replacement pump swill be shipped out to you direct from the manufacturer on the very same day.

Added Value

Most 115V Elite Pumps models feature extra-long 15’ power cords with molded plug, which is a major convenience for cases where a pond is not located near an electrical outlet.  This compares favorably to standard 6’ and 8’ cords commonly offered with many competitor pumps on the market.  Because many pond owners choose to hardwire their pumps for 230V, some pump manufacturers actually charge an additional fee to have a 115V cord installed.  It is not uncommon for many Elite Pumps models to be offered with free priming pot, while priming pots are commonly sold separately with many competitor pumps on the market.  This is generally a $60 – $90 savings for the pond owner.  


When you compare the actual published performance curves of Elite Pond Pumps to competitor pumps on the market, the superior value of Elite Pumps cannot be denied.  High flow rates, lower energy cost, better warranty. Cal Ponds is proud to rank among nationwide sales leaders for quality Elite Pumps. If you would like free, expert assistance choosing the best Elite Pump model for your specific needs we would love to hear from you. 

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